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There are so many factors to consider when planning out a vacation, but the most important of all is where to stay. Anantara Hoi An is a luxury resort located in the heart of Hoi An set along the Thu Bon river. So what exactly can you do here?


Hoi An city is as magical as it looks like in pictures. The city lit up at night with glowing lanterns in all shape and colours. An extraordinary place we would love to be back and experience more of.


Let’s see.. you can..


loan bicycles to explore the streets in the evening…


Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike around Hoi An


enjoy boat trips on the Thu Bon River… 

We can’t help but hum to the soothing sounds of Tangled’s “I See The Light” when exploring Hoi An.

HOI-AN-60-8 HOI-AN-40-12

enjoy spa treatments at Anantara Spa

The charming boutique has a stylish interior influenced by Asian and European architecture.


lounge in the swimming pool during the day…


check out the outdoor library…  

Can really recommend “Sweet & Bitter” a novel by Stephanie Danler.


Eat breakfast like a local…


Breakfast at Lanterns offers a buffet dining experience to be enjoyed in an attractive environment. Find a seat near the balcony, have a cup of Vietnamese coffee and enjoy a beautiful view of the Thu Bon river.


She has a big happy (s)melon her face

Treat a girl like a lady, and she will never forget how you made her feel.

Sitting under the lantern lights at Hoi An Riverside Restaurant surrounded by your loved ones is truly an indescribable feeling. There was one particular event that happened during our family dinner that I would like to share. I sat next to my ten year old sister while she got presented her own children menu. She was at all times paid attention to in a respectful manner and referred to as “Miss”. While most children would get ignored, this kind of treatment was unexpected but very appreciated. A very sweet gesture to treat her like the lady she is. After ordering pasta bolognese and a banana split dessert, our sister couldn’t help but blurt out: “I’m in Paradise” to our amusement. A moment we will forever cherish.


Anantara To The Rescue

It is no joke that traveling in a group of eight can be a hassle. In between city travels, Tsutsumi managed to leave behind a backpack filled with camera equipments and laptop in a city two hours away. Can you believe it? To our appreciation, Anantara made sure to make the necessary arrangements to get the backpack returned as the attentive and caring team that they are. We also managed to surprise and celebrate our father’s 54th birthday with a big chocolate cake, personalised writing and birthday candles. Such an impeccable service, I have no words.


I always like to think that the hotel staff is a direct reflection of the destination. If they are proud of their home and workplace they can’t help but glow from within when approached. Anantara Hoi An was the first place I felt that culture appreciation. It also felt like the team was content and enjoyed working at the resort. There was nothing but smiles and sweet gestures seeing them interact with the small children. Everything and everyone was so comfortable it made us feel like home.


The perfect holiday destination 


Anantara Hoi An resort went above and beyond to make our experience as guests of the resort enjoyable. It was so special for our family from start to end, and has become an everlasting memory. We look forward to be back and book another stay at our home away from home.

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