Perfumes are something that is not only personal, it is also an invisible unique accessory. It is the finishing look to an outfit and you can change up the scents for different occasions. The best thing about a fragrance is that you can combine a scent with a specific memory, whether it be a first date, a wedding or vacation.

Growing up, fragrances was always a big part of our lives. Our bathroom had a cabin filled with mother’s favourite perfumes, and oddly enough we never got to use it. I remember having the task of cleaning each delicate bottle and treating them like jewellery. They were so precious and had each a story to tell, so our mom figured it was better to have them there for the memories. Thinking about it now, I find similarities with our wine cabin. The bottles were never tasted and stood there on display, with each and everyone being different whether it was in shape, color or design.

Now that we live on our own, Tsutsumi and I have also gotten ourselves a side table in our living room dedicated to our favourite fragrances. It stands on the pathway to the door, so we can always remember to spritz ourselves before we run out. Wearing a perfume is like clothes, we use the fragrance that fits our mood, the season or the event.


What to get to your significant other? Your teenage sister, or maybe your mother in law? On today’s fragrance gift guide, Candid That have put together some of our favorite scents this season that we think any lady should have on her night stand.


Gucci Bloom  – Tiffany & Co – Coco Chanel – Chloé Signature Absolu De Parfum  – Chloe Body Lotion

Gucci Bloom, our favourite. We’ve been using this fragrance for a while and get asked what kind of scent it is when we’re out. It is sweet and summery and works great for everyday use.


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