Bali is the one place that has set the standard to how I want to plan my future honeymoon. It is such a beautiful destination and you get to experience the city life, sandy beaches and tropical rainforests. There was so much to explore during my first trip, so I immediately knew I had to come back. I remembered seeing couples sharing the cutest memories from their honeymoon trips and dreamt to have those moments with my boyfriend as well. After three months apart, nothing could beat waking up next to the person you love and bonding over breakfast.

When in Bali, I made sure to indulge in all the delicious breakfast options at our resorts. The verdict? Mouthwatering. Here is a breakdown of what I think of the breakfast options at the resorts we stayed at!


The Royal Purnama

Hello, floating breakfast! Our breakfast menu had dishes for every taste and looked extra delicious when presented on a floating tray. There was an incident where I nearly drowned the entire tray of food because it was constantly floating around, but other than that I would have loved the luxury of enjoying this everyday!

The beautiful sanctuary of The Royal Purnama is around 35 minutes from the historical Ubud city. Our villa had the most amazing outdoor shower and bathroom, but also its own private pool where we spent most of the time lounging. Because the resort was far away from the city we decided to just stay-in and relax. We had breakfast, room service for lunch and also a romantic candlelit dinner at the Standing Stones restaurant overlooking the black sand beach. Based on our extensive taste of the menu, I think this resort served the very best meals. There were great spices, perfect presentation and the food kept its temperature.

The Balé – Nusa Dua

BALI-BRE-COLL-1Enjoying Indonesian food at the comfort of our villa.

After last year’s amazing stay, I went back to The Balé for the second time. This place is romance at its finest! Prior to the trip, all I could think about was The Balé’s Mi Goreng. I craved it so much that I ordered it for breakfast everyday. It was partly due to my appetite for having dinner dishes for breakfast, but mainly because The Balé serves the best nasi and mi goreng.

Breakfast in bed, anyone? 

Every night the resort placed swan-shaped towels and flower petals all over the bed. It was the sweetest gesture! We had a bubble bath filled with rose petals and soothing bath oils and also a romantic candlelit dinner overlooking the sunset. In short, The Balé is honeymoon heaven for all you lovers out there.


The Amala – Seminyak

BALI-BRE-COLL-2 Sleeping allows your mind counting down to breakfast time..

When breakfast is your favorite part of the day.. eat the rainbow

So.many.mosquitos. I got bitten hard at The Amala resort! We tried having our breakfast out in the living room and next to the pool, but had to resort to having breakfast in bed after these photos were captured. The Nasi goreng is one of the best I’ve tasted along with the avocado bruschetta. The food menu had a range of options so our order was completely different the next day. I still reminisce about the fish I had, it was beyond delicious! I feel sad for not having to the time to finish it because we had booked an early couple spa-treatment and had to make it in time. It was all good though, because the balinese massage was so worth it!

Tropical fruits + smoothie bowls by the pool on a rainy day

The Udaya – Ubud

A tropical jungle paradise ♥

It was nothing but magical to connect with nature while having the first meal of the day at the comfort of our private pool. I think The Udaya is beyond beautiful with its own yoga hut, infinity pool and spa centre, but I would have wished for more variety in taste and dishes when it came to their food menu. Personally, I’m a huge fan of having dinner dishes for breakfast, but also a good ol’ smoothie bowl, so looking very forward to see that on the menu the next time I’m back.


The Udaya also arranged for cake and flowers congratulating us on our anniversary. It was so sweet! Honestly, this entire trip could have been our honeymoon with the amount of congratulations that we received. We also made a booking at the Kaveri Spa for a Traditional Balinese couple massage which I really liked.


The private pool of our villa had such a nice view, there was simply nothing not to love

I’ll be right back, just going to dream about my next meal.. 

We were celebrating our four year anniversary and every resort went out of their way to make our stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. If you are looking to celebrate a special highlight or honeymoon destination you should definitely consider Bali. The island, the people and the resorts will go above and beyond to make your experience an everlasting memory; just like they did for us ♥

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