After a wonderful experience with Lifestyle Retreats during my first visit to Bali, I wanted to experience other resorts from their portfolio. As I had yet to visit Seminyak, our choice fell on The Amala resort. If you’d like to know my thoughts about the two night stay make sure to read on.

The Amala is an adult-only resort and is perfectly placed just a couple minutes from the main shopping street. When you’re outside looking in it can be hard to spot the entrance as it is pretty narrow. However, once you’ve stepped into the property it turns into a wonderful charming sanctuary. We enjoyed several walks together in the evening as it was a short stroll to the dining places in the area. I can recommend having dinner at Bo & Bun restaurant, they serve delicious Vietnamese Pho!


The Amala had a shuttle who would take us into the city on a complimentary basis which was very convenient. They also had their own scooter rental where you could book for an entire day. Although the helmets were in bad rustic condition it was still nice to have a local experience like that. It turned out to be much more easier to roam around and experience everything. I remember driving around with no particular place in mind and we discovered hidden beaches, local cafes and La Plancha, a colorful restaurant by the beach.



I had high expectations prior to this particular visit as the other resorts had been beyond perfect. The villas at The Amala are large with its own private pool, open kitchen and living room. Before we went to bed the staff made sure to prepare the room accordingly; the mosquito nets were down, bed sheets tucked in and a sweet bedtime story was placed on the pillow. A very nice gesture and that tells me that they pay attention to details.

I noticed that our room was pretty worn out and would have wished for it to be redone with a fresh makeover. Another notice was the amount of mosquitos in our villa. The staff did try to set up a smoking pot to steer the mosquitos away, but in my opinion the smell from the pot was just uncomfortable. It didn’t really help that the bedroom is the only room that is fully enclosed, so we had to either get used to the smell or open up the door and invite more mosquitos in. With that being said, we are in a tropical destination so it is hard to withstand what’s part of nature. However, I didn’t experience the mosquitos at any other resorts.

We relaxed most of the time as we stumbled upon some rain during our stay in Seminyak. Breakfast was enjoyed in the comfort of our villa and the communal areas. I absolutely loved the variety of food options and everything was so tasty!



It was very nice to relax in the communal areas as the atmosphere was so cozy with its own bridge and tropical vibes.


The highlight of our stay was the amazing Balinese couple massage at The Spa. The sweetest masseuses paid attention to all our needs and we got served ginger tea afterwards. It was much needed as I got a random cold from the aircondition and the experience made me more calm and relaxed.

After Thoughts

It was overall a very beautiful stay with amazing food, efficient service and beautiful sanctuary. Apart from the mosquitos everything about the resort was great and your girl felt spoiled! When the standard is top notch and mosquitos are the only complain, you’ll know it was a good stay! The Amala is a hidden gem in Seminyak and is a great choice if you would like to experience the city, beach and retreat away from the touristic buzz.

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