About Us


Candid That is an online magazine & blog created as the one-stop destination for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. It’s founded by the sister duo, Tsutsumi & Alexandra. Why Candid? When visiting our platform we want it to feel like visiting a friend. Casual, open and sincere. Not only will it feature candid moments, candid memories and candid sights, but also columns, editorials and interviews. But most importantly, this is where you’ll get inspired to go out of your comfort zone. Candid – I can & I did. This column is all about empowerment. We want to highlight the people who is out there doing everything they can to make “it” happen and succeeds.

Candid That have been recognised as “Newcomer of The Year” by Vixen Blog Awards 2014:

“Newcomer of the Year is the new shooting star to the blog heaven and is the blog that despite starting in 2013 first got it’s big debut last year. This blog is also nominated for Instagram of the Year – the place where it all started. With inspiring images, international appeal and large dimples – the chances are big that these sweet sisters will characterise the blog world in the future.”


Costume Awards: Fashion Blog of The Year ’15 – Semifinalists | Fashion Personality of The Year ’15 – Semifinalists

Vixen Blog Awards: Best Fashionblog ’15 – Finalists | Newcomer of The Year ’14 – Winner 

Instagram Of The Year ’14 – Finalists | Best Outfit Of The Day ’14 – Finalists

Zalando Nordic Blogger Awards: Best Newcomer ’15 – Finalists

Sale duck Fashion Awards: Best Fashion Blog ’15 – Finalists