Products mentioned are my personal favourites, but I have also provided shoppable affiliated links. 

B E A U T Y  T A L K S .


  • What is your favourite makeup brand? Yves Saint Laurent Beauty is my favourite brand when it comes to makeup. I like the product quality, the visual product design, the fashion history, and YSL’s women empowering message to ladies across the world. I feel confident when I wear the iconic Le Rouge on my lips and elegant when I walk around the city with the feminine scent of Mon Paris. It is a brand that I have found myself loving the last few years.


  • MY DEAREST foundation? YSL Touche Eclat Cushion Foundation in the shade B30. The Eclat cushion is lightweight in consistency and gives me a fresh glow. It is buildable, but I think one layer cover up just enough dullness while letting my freckles and beauty marks shine through. That for me is enough. You really don’t need more.
  • MY DEAREST blush? YSL Blush Volupté in the shade Passionnee. This is my go-to blush that I have been using for more than three years. Every now and then I get gifted press products for testing, however, I always end up going back to the YSL Volupté. It is highly pigmented and the bittersweet shade goes well with my skin tone.
  • MY DEAREST concealer? Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer in the shade 03Whenever I travel overseas, I always end up with a Clinique concealer on my way back. It is a little treat I give myself that has become a vacation-ritual. Two words to describe this product; long-lasting and skin-brightening.


  • What is your makeup routine? 







  • How do you maintain your brow shape? I brush my brows everyday and try not to over pluck it. Voila.


  • What is your favourite skincare product? Guerlain Abeille Royale Black Bee Honey Balm. The modern woman in me have no time to play hide and seek, so I need a skincare product that works in an instant with immediate results. That is why I have so much love for this balm. It is especially created for people with dry and undernourished skin. You can apply it anywhere you feel that your skin needs a bit of extra love. Before going to bed, I like to apply it on my face, neck, shoulders, and elbows. It smells like honey and the skin feels so smooth the day after.
  • What is your skincare routine? 
  1. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – I splash 3-4 drops of SK-II’s signature essence directly onto my hands, and then I gently massage the face and neck to let the miracle water absorb into my skin. For best results, apply every morning before makeup, and every night after cleansing.
  2. Guerlain Midnight Secret – After the miracle essence is absorbed, I go over with a night cream from Guerlain. I think the cream combined with the SK-II essence works wonders on my skin.
  3. Guerlain Black Bee Honey Balm – For extra love to my dry areas, I like to gently massage the honey balm into the skin.
  4. La Mer The Eye Concentrate Soon after, I apply a rich and hydrating eye cream underneath my eyes with my ring finger.
  5. Guerlain Super Lips – Moisturised lips is a must! I wear this balm every morning and before I go to sleep. My lips becomes instantly soft, plumped and hydrated. The formula resembles a non-sticky lipgloss, but it feels very comfortable.
  6. Estelle & Thild Youth Oil – Whenever I have a bad breakout, I always sleep with this oil on my skin. It really helped me during my bad acne days.


  • How do you keep your skin looking so flawless and healthy? I drink a lot of green tea and eat at least 5 fruits/vegetables a day. Beautiful skin starts within! Also, I run for at least 40 minutes twice a week, wash my face every morning and evening, and I try to get enough sleep. To sum up, get into a routine, drink lots of water, eat healthy, work out and sleep well.


  • What do you style your hair with? I style my hair with a flat iron called ghd Plantinum White StylerIt creates the most natural waves after a single stroke. Glamorous curls, effortless waves, silky straight – you name it.

A  F A S H I O N  M I N U T E.

  • How would you describe your style? Chic, simple and a sprinkle of edge.

  • Where do you find fashion inspiration? Movies, fashion magazines, it-girls, art, runways and the internet.
  • Who is your style icon? I do not have a specific style icon, but I feel very inspired by the fashion styles of Scandinavian girls, the effortless Parisian woman, and the chic globetrotter that is always on the go.


Matilda Djerf, Josefine H.J, Tine Andrea.


Jeanne Damas, Camille Rowe, Sabina Socol.


Negin Mirsalehi, Kristina Bazan, Aimee Song.

Maria Bernad is a mixture of all the ladies above, and more. I actually just realised while making this Q&A that she might be my style icon.

  • 3 essentials in your wardrobe? A black top, a timeless blazer, and denim jeans.
  • What is your favourite jewellery/accessory brand? Maria Black and The Kooples.
  • If your apartment was burning down, but the firefighters say they can save your most prized fashion item. What would you save? My Chanel.


Travel and career related questions will be up in my next Q&A.

Talk to you very soon.

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Scandinavian style has been making waves across the fashion globe, and the Scandi it-girls are the ones who have successfully put their countries on the map. Ladies with breathtaking fashion sense, a smart mind and attention for detail shows us what goes on behind the scenes, the jetsetter life as well as front-row peeks during hectic fashion months. From traveling to building a career, what these ladies have in common are their confident independence. Below are a feature of six Scandinavian IT-girls with all the inspiration you need in one place.




Sophia Roe, the Copenhagen girl that will make any stranger turn heads. Her casual yet chic style is a combination of high-street with high-fashion hits. Sophia’s artistic aesthetics and creative impressions throughout her social platforms are constantly making us inspired and admired by her work. Speaking of work, her most recent collaboration is a dainty jewellery collection with the Danish brand CARRÉ JEWELLERY.



The Danish fashion stylist, Pernille Teisbaek is a woman with more than fifteen years experience in the fashion industry. Pernille’s Scandinavian style is so compelling and effortless that we always have to double-tap and scroll through her Instagram feed at least 2-3 times a day for outfit updates. The fashion editor have also published a style book “Dress Scandinavian: Style Your Life and Wardrobe the Danish Way” and has a portfolio consisting of major clients such as Vogue and Net-A-Porter. She has also build on her career by being the co-founder and creative director of Social Zoo, an influencer marketing and consultancy firm.



Straight out from a love letter, Josefine’s heartbreaker persona, aesthetic visuals, and darling quotes has us daydreaming and scrolling endlessly through her Instagram feed. We adore her signature look of casual on-trend pieces combined with high-end statements, and as always; a dash of edge. Josefine has her own label, H.J. MUSE, which is an extension of her closet.



Russian-Norwegian it-girl, fashion editor and journalist, Darja Barannik’s style is a mix of Scandinavian high-end aesthetics and seasonal runway hits. Darja is the ambassador of the luxury watch brand, OMEGA and is often seen on fashion sites Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and Elle. She can also be spotted front-row at big fashion shows such as Chanel and Burberry. We have met Darja outside the digital screens and can say that she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.



They say the trends that matters most are the ones spotted during fashion week. Norwegian it-girl and stylist, Tine Andrea can often be seen blessing the streets with her Scandinavian style across the globe every season. We absolutely adore her sense of style and attention for details. Earlier this year, Tine won the “Rising Star Icon” award and have collaborated with Chloe, a French luxury fashion house.



 Sweden’s sweetheart, Matilda Djerf has captured many hearts with her chic style and down-to-earth charm. Matilda is usually seen unwinding in Los Angeles, sunbathing in Spain, and frolicking in Venice. However, her roots are in Sweden. She recently designed a successful swim collection with Australian label ETE Swimwear, and has upcoming projects in the works. We got nothing but love for Matilda, and wherever she is we will make sure to travel along.


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Untitled_Artwork 7


  • Who are you? My name is Tsutsumi Hoang. I am a content creator and blog on CANDID THAT. Sometimes happy, sometimes a bit melancholy. Sometimes drinking green tea, sometimes prefer black bitter coffee. Sometimes talking about my feelings, sometimes drawing my emotions. Sometimes reading, sometimes people watching. Shy most of the time, and rarely a social butterfly.
  • Where are you from? What is your ethnicity? I am Norwegian, born and raised in Oslo, the capital of Norway. However, my background is Vietnamese.
  • How do you pronounce your name? “Sue-Sue-Me”. It is a Japanese surname.
  • Is it your real name? Yes.
  • But is it REALLY your name, though? I just rolled my eyes so hard, I saw my brain.
  • Do you have any nicknames? Tsu. Tsumi. Somei. Mi. Sashimi. Sue.
  • How old are you? I am 22 years old born 13th June 1995.
  • How tall are you? 5’2.
  • Are you an introvert or an extrovert? I am an introvert.


  • What is your favourite thing to do when you are by yourself? I enjoy listening to soothing music and just draw. It is my kind of therapy.
  • What are your top 3 favourite things (not necessarily materialistic)? Well…

BreakfastBreakfast in bed. Breakfast while watching the sunrise. Half-ass breakfast on my way out the door to catch the bus. Breakfast made by someone dear. Breakfast with someone. Breakfast with no one. A late breakfast. A sneaky 3am breakfast. Hangover breakfast. Simply, breakfast. It is the first meal of the day that I look the most forward to. The one thing that determines if my day goes up or down. I’m telling you, I’m not a happy person to be around if I have not had my morning meal. Bon appétit!

City bikes. I still long for those never-ending summer days when the sun would not set until 11pm. We would bike around the city exploring the charming streets and hidden spots of Oslo. Us, João Gilberto playing in my ears, and idyllic sceneries flashing by.

Bikes & Nature. There is nothing more calming than a morning bike around my neighbourhood in Oslo. Whenever I feel stressed out and want to unplug from my daily routine, I like to reconnect with nature.

Mid-summer days on my porch in little Oslo. Sunbathing during the hottest time of the day. Dance around in a little red dress to my “Baguette & Croissant” playlist on Spotify. Eat a bit, drink a bit, and read a bit. Spy on the neighbours. They have an apple tree, but so do I.


Sydney sunsets from my apartment. It is simply magic. On days when I feel down, the warm hues keeps me at ease.

Coffee hangs from noon till late night. In Oslo, some cafes are open until late at night. It is not like in Sydney where everything close at 3pm sharp. I kinda miss the me-time coffee hang outs, or a quick catch up with my dearest. To be honest, I am such a wimp when it comes to unfamiliar things and new environment. That might explain why I still have not found my go-to cafe in Sydney yet. I am working on it, though.

When a movie, a conversation or a book is so good that it makes you tear up.

It was more than three nonmaterialistic favourites of mine. I could go on and on, but let’s just leave it at that. I really enjoy the little things you see.

  • What is your favourite thing of Autumn? 17.10.2014. It was a rainy day and exceptionally gloomy, yet my best friend and I went to a rock concert. It was my first time seeing The 1975 perform live. I was not a fan or anything, in fact, I had only listened to a few songs from their album. However, when the lights came on and the band started to play I was mesmerised by the music.

I am not sure what exactly happened that night, but I keep associating Autumn with The 1975. My favourite thing to do around this time is listening to Matthew’s pleasant voice on the bus. An afternoon, when everyone is on their way home. The sun has already set. The last days of summer transitioning into fall. I think the ambience goes well with the music.


Every year around this time, even though I am on the other side of the world, and the seasons turned upside down; I still find myself listening to The 1975.



  • Will you go on a date with a guy from Instagram if asked politely? 


  • Are you single? Yes.
  • Why are you still single? I don’t think it is a bad thing being single, and relationships are a beautiful thing. Until a special someone comes along, I will be watching our favourite TV Shows by myself.

M Y  S I S T E R  &  I

Untitled_Artwork 6

  • Are you guys twins? No, but it sure feels like we are! Alexandra is one year older than me. Our birthday’s are in the same month and only days apart.
  • Do you and Alexandra have Vietnamese names? Alexandra’s Vietnamese name is Hoàng Lan. Mine is Thủy Tiên. However, we rarely use it. Our Vietnamese names are only used by close family and distant relatives. Actually, we hear “Alek” and “Somi” way more often than our Viet names.
  • Are you and Alexandra planning on moving back to Norway someday or to another country? Alexandra is currently on a student visa that expires next year, while I am on a working holiday visa for one year. We plan on heading home to Norway as this is home to us. However, Alexandra and I have been talking a lot about extending our stay living abroad. Singapore, Vietnam and The United States has been in the talks, but we will see. There are so many possibilities when you are young and have no obligations tying you down.
  • How close are you to the Vietnamese culture? Could you imagine living there? We can both speak and understand Vietnamese, but rarely speak the language with others with the exception of family members as we get very shy. Our vocabulary is very limited. During our last visit in Vietnam, we had no problem communicating in Vietnamese when shopping and exploring the cities, but during business meetings we kept it in English to speak more confidently and get a better flow while communicating. In regards to if we could see ourselves living there; yes, that could be a possibility. The country is experiencing a shift in living standards and everything seems to be so modernised and the business is booming. If we see it as a good opportunity, living there would just be a great investment to our career.

O T H E R  S T O R I E S

  • What camera do you use? Olympus PEN E-PL8. 25mm lense.
  • What lighting/beauty ring light do you use? Aurora ring light by Spectrum.
  • Do you have a playlist for your french songs? Baguette & Croissant.

  • What is your favourite song at the moment? I’m in the mood for some R&B. Get You (feat. Kali Uchis) – Daniel Caesar, Honey – Kehlani, Tyrant (feat. Jorja Smith) – Kali Uchis. 


  • What editing apps do you use? VSCO is hands down my all time favourite editing app. VSCO have a wide range of presets and tools you can play with. If you’re a VSCOX member you will get access to all the presets and even filters for videos. A close second is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. One of the things that I like about Lightroom is the “Selective Colour” tool. With the selective tool I get to edit the brightness, saturation and selective colours on a specific area.


  • What are your favourite presets on VSCO? I have so so so many…


A4, C4, V8, C8, C3, A6 are my go-to Instagram presets. I like to add warmth to my photos and have been using C8 a lot lately. I usually stick to using only one of them for a month or so, and after a while I switch it up.


When I am feeling artistic I tend to steer toward B1, V4 & Nike Sportswear tech Pack. It gives the photo a creative touch and lots of character.

  • How do you create digital handwritten titles/illustrations? I use “Procreate” which is a painting app made exclusively for iPad Pro. Keep in mind that you will  need an Apple Pencil to draw with. Procreate is a game changer for my creative content. It is so easy to work with especially when you are on the go. One of my favourite vloggers, Claire Marshall, made a video on how to use Procreate. Only Claire could make an instructional video that is both helpful and aesthetically beautiful. Show her some love, guys – HERE.

  • How do you edit your photos? I had SO many questions about how I edit my photos so I will make a step-by-step tutorial in another blog post. Patience, my hearts.

S O C I A L  M E D I A


Beauty, fashion, travel, and career related questions will be up in my next Q&A.

Talk to you very soon.


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Summer is almost over in some countries, but the beginning of spring is just around the corner in sunny Sydney. To be frank, it actually feels like summer already.

In this video, Tsutsumi made a styling edition that’ll hopefully happen monthly. The pieces are all very light in fabric making it very convenient to pack when you’re heading for that weekend get-away.Three days, three outfits that’s perfect for a sunny day out. Maybe to a destination in Europe, or just a stroll to your nearest local market. We’re heading for Bronte beach for a nice BBQ feast tomorrow, so we’ve made sure to be all set for an eventful day ahead. Be on the lookout for these quirky outfits to pop on the ‘gram. Which look is your favorite?

S E E N  O N  T S U T S U M I:

Warm Hues – straw hat from lack of colour  – wrap dress –  maria black jewellery

The I-Steal-Apples-From-My-Neighbors-Garden look – yellow wrap blouse  –  silk skirt  – bag: floral punk – maria black jewellery

Sophisticated Champagne Pop – champagne blouse – pants: zara – belt: the kooples

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Candid Beauty is back with another Runway to Everyday look. This time it is all about “The Classic Autumn Girl” Here is a step-by-step creative edit created by Tsutsumi Hoang.


The Classic Autumn Look



MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Café Au Chic combined with Topped With Brandy was softly applied all over the eyelids with finger movements for a natural touch. I also used Amber Lights eyeshadow in Frost for a nice shimmer on the yes.

MAC Haute & Naughty Lash was used on the lashes to make the eyes blend in beautifully with the eyeshadow. For brows, I used YSL’s eyebrow pencil that comes with a brush. I used the pencil to first brush through the brow hair and made sure it stayed in place before going over with the eyebrow pencil. I concluded with YSL Couture brow to really lock the brows in with a gel formula.





To enhance the natural freckles and getting that autumn glow, I started with Guerlain’s Abeille Royale Black Bee Honey Balm. As I tend to have dry skin, this moisturiser feels very comfortable and is a great fit for me. For skin I mixed MAC Strobe Cream together with Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting foundation + concealer in the shade 9 Neutral. This combination gave me an even complexion and a glowing texture.



On the cheeks I used MAC’s Strobe Hush Cream Colour Base. It did wonders as a creamy highlighter on the cheekbones. MAC’s liquid lipcolour Topped With Brandy was lightly patted on the cheeks for a nice hint of warmth. Set it off with a spritz of Prep + Prime Fix Spray and you’re all set for this fresh look.



To prep the lips, Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss Liplift was used as balm. Then, I went over with MAC’s Matte lipstick in YashI finished with MAC Liquid Lipcolour in Café Au Chic to complete the look.


See you very soon,


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